Why learn coding in Bucharest?

Published on 05 February 2020

Reading time 3 minutes

Bucharest, a city of contrasts, ex-communist, but extremely modern and tech-forward, with a passion for IT and incredible nightlife. When asked “Why learn coding in Bucharest?”, there are many things that come to mind, but some of the most important arguments lie in the city’s vibrant culture, its ever-growing ecosystem and inherited passion and drive for all things tech. 

The strong tech ecosystem

Bucharest has come a long way from its communist days...and so has the tech ecosystem, now thriving and making up for a big chunk of the country’s economy. 

From the biggest players (IBM, Oracle, Orange), to startups and unicorns ( UiPath, Uber, etc), in Bucharest, you can find them all. Whether you want to work in a big company with a global approach and colleagues all around the world, or you want to build your career in a small company to enjoy the challenging, yet relaxed environment, you can always find your next opportunity in the capital city of Romania. 

Meetups, workshops and events all around

JSBucharest, Codecamp, GirlsWhoCode, Code for Romania, ReactJS Bucharest, InterNations - these are just some of the communities constantly organizing events, workshops and meetups you can choose to attend. 

Every week there is at least one get-together you can go to, network, meet people sharing the same interest as you and ...who knows..maybe even find your next project!

Affordable housing and life

Living and studying in Romania is affordable: the price of bootcamps here is the lowest in Europe and that is not because you get a lesser experience, but thanks to the affordable housing and rent, which allow schools, such as Wild Code School, to charge less for the same course. 

If you are an international student, you can find a long-term AirBnB in the heart of the city for as little as 300eur/ month, including all expenses. Pretty cool, right? One of our students, Oli is a French national who chose to come to Romania to study web development at Wild Code School Bucharest and he spends 650EUR/ month on rent, transportation and food. 

Work hard. Play harder.

Bucharest likes to party. Hard. So, after a long week of coding, you can always find a pub, bar or club open to have a beer (or more...) and relax for the weekend. 

And while we don’t recommend it….you can party in Bucharest ANY DAY of the week ( for example, the old town is filled with places open 9pm - 5am every single day )

Once the sun sets, the city becomes this vibrant and always alive corner of the world, with activities for any taste. 

And if your idea of “play” does not necessarily refer to partying, but rather being outdoors, Bucharest has you covered: cool mountains resorts and slopes are 2hours away by train and the famous beaches of Mamaia are less than 3 hours away. 

Last, but not least: the food!

Papanasi, sarmale, gulas, Romanian pretzels and pies...these are just some of the things that internationals enjoy the most about Romanian food. Generally, Romanians love meat, but the city’s come a long way in the past years and you can find vegetarian and vegan options around every corner.

Stay away from tourist traps and go for the lesser-known, yet incredibly friendly, tasty and offering restaurants and pubs downtown and you are in for a treat.

Furthermore, we love wine (and make some pretty amazing ones!), so you can definitely add that to your PROs list for choosing Romania as your coding destination. 

So… if your goal is to learn web development while exploring a new and affordable destination, Bucharest should definitely be on your radar.  Make sure to drop us a call and stop by our campus and we will be happy to tell you more about it  :)