Why should you move to Lisbon and work there?

Published on 10 October 2019

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Lisbon is known as “the city of the seven hills”, and trust us, after a weekend of walking around the city, you will feel each and every one of them in your calves. The hospitality of the locals, the temperature and the quality of life in the Portuguese capital will not disappoint you!

A city adapted to modern times

No matter if you are a newcomer looking forward to taking your first steps in the digital field, or someone with more experience searching for the next step in your career, Lisbon presents itself as a city that provides many opportunities to do so, learning code or working as a web developer.

In the growing market of the digital world, there are a lot of Portuguese start-ups appearing with new projects and ambitions. Big technology companies (like Google, Uber, Mercedes-Benz or Amazon) are also investing in Portugal, as the country keeps on being acclaimed for the quality of life, location and security.

A growing field of work with lots of opportunities

According to 2018 data, Portugal is the second European country with the biggest growth in technologic employment (6.3% rise from 2017), with only France topping it. Some major factors that have contributed to this are the increase of multinationals investing in the country and the presence (until 2028) of "the largest seminar on new technologies in the world" the Web Summit.

However, even though employment in this field is rising, employers are having difficulties finding qualified workers for the job openings available. This basically means that there are many work opportunities and few workers to fill them!

A less expensive capital with good quality of life

Lisbon has the advantage of not being as expensive as other cities like Paris, Berlin or London. Many foreign startups migrate to Portugal as it is cheaper to operate here than it is in many other European countries.

In 2017, Portugal ranked fifth in the rankings of Expat Insider on the best countries in which to emigrate. Note that the country is first when the quality of life and the feeling of hospitality are taken into account. There are only 500,000 inhabitants in Lisbon, which gives the impression of living in a large seaside town and not in a European capital.

Hospitality is key

As mentioned before, Portugal is known for its hospitality - people are friendly and you will have everything to feel welcome in the country. 

One of the great aspects of the Portuguese hospitality is that we always try to adapt to other languages or cultures. Of course, Portuguese is the language spoken in Portugal, but it is possible to work here while still adapting to a new language. If you feel more comfortable with English, while you have not dominated Portuguese yet, people will communicate with you in English.

It is not a coincidence that so many tourists visit the country or that so many events are being held in Portugal (like the previously cited, Web Summit).

Because having a good time is also important

Yes, work is important, but we would be lying if we said that Portugal only stands as a good place to work in. There is a whole range of things to enjoy while living in Portugal. 

The Portuguese gastronomy is widely recognized as very tasty and diverse, with a broad variety of dishes, appetizers and desserts to enjoy.

Portugal is also known for its beaches and landscapes, with many places worth a look throughout the whole country. In the Lisbon area, you can visit some of the most iconic Portuguese monuments, like Jerónimos Monastery or Tower of Belém. You could (and should) also pay a visit to the surrounding area of Sintra or go South of Tagus River to visit the Cristo Rei, for example.

And if you goal is to learn code and become a web developer, make sure you knock at our door ;)

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