Why hiring coding bootcamp and university computer science graduates?

Published on 21 February 2019

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Statistics show that demand in the tech area is three times higher than the ability of universities to train students.

It was based on this gap that bootcamps emerged. Throughout the world have grown schools with intensive programs of web development that allows to integrate a student after half a year in the job market.

However some companies still do not want to accept these professionals and requires a bachelor’s degree. Max Nisen at Business Insider eloquently states that:

Computer-science degrees teach theory and help the best engineers advance the state of the art, but we’ve entered an age in which demanding that every programmer has a degree is like asking every bricklayer to have a background in architectural engineering.

Companies continue to struggle to fill the gap between the supply and demand of programmers and bring diversity into the workplace. It’s time to look seriously towards coding bootcamps as hubs for high potential tech talent.

Why hire coding bootcamp graduates?

  1. They ramp up fast
  2. They’re familiar with cutting edge tools and techniques
  3. They’re quick learners
  4. They don’t have a chip on their shoulder
  5. They’re hungry and passionate

Why hire university computer science graduates?

  1. Every devop team needs a mid-to-senior level engineer
  2. They have a deeper knowledge
  3. Good foundation in computer science

Great professionals can come from different places and backgrounds but you’ll never discover it if you don’t give a chance. Companies like Google, Salesforce and Dropbox keep their development teams multidisciplinary, with several levels of seniority and give prevalence to peer-to-peer learning.

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