Wild Code School Partners with Nokia Smartphones for a Remote Hackathon

Published on 31 August 2020

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On September 4th - 5th, Wild Code School partners with the multinational telecommunications company Nokia and together we organise a remote hackathon aiming at promoting feature phones.  

A Remote Hackathon gathering 13 different nationalities 

A hackathon is an event where teams of developers collaborate on creating a digital project in a short period of time. At Wild Code School, we enjoy giving our students the opportunity to discover new contexts, especially with the help of renowned partners.

Using our recent experience of hosting events like this remotely, 13 students divided into 4 different teams from many different countries and ages will take part in this challenge. They are currently following a part-time course to become Front-End Developers with Wild Code School. Francesco Luciani, Campus Manager of the group explains: “All of our students have different reasons for doing the course and have varied backgrounds: some are looking to gain new skills, some are looking to start their own businesses, and others who want to completely change their career and re-train in technology.”

Nokia’s challenge to promote feature phones

The goal of this Hackathon is to develop a landing page promoting Nokia’s feature phones. A feature phone can be described as the middle ground between old, traditional phones and smartphones. Their functions go further than just calling and texting, but they are not as complex as the ones in a smartphone.

Because of this, their main target audience ends up being young people and senior citizens. Therefore, the user experience on this landing page will be a fundamental part of the selection criteria.

“We are curious to test the creativity and skills of Wild Code School students”, says Silvia Belloni, Head of Marketing at HMD Global Italia. “Feature phones are a particular market that requires huge attention to consumers’ needs, especially in the online purchase experience. We are sure to get interesting ideas for the implementation of our new landing page dedicated to this type of device ".

Alberto Colombo, General Manager of HMD Global Italia adds “We are thrilled to take part in this activity and to offer students from all over the world the opportunity to learn something new. For us it is essential to collaborate with organizations such as Wild Code School, that promote innovation and technological skills, helping to reduce the digital gap". 

The winning project will be awarded on the 15th of September

The Hackathon’s jury will be composed of Nokia senior managers, and it’s important to mention that the winning group project will be selected by Nokia to be fully developed and used as Nokia’s new feature phone landing page - making this a real project, with direct use for the partner! There will also be prizes for the best participants!

Wild Code School is very excited to get on this challenge with such a notorious brand like Nokia, and to see our students get the opportunity to show how much they have learned throughout the course, and get the chance to see their work acknowledged.