Wild Code School Romania partnered with SkillValue for an online contest and interactive event

Published on 10 October 2019

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A full scholarship for our 5months JS programme out for grabs, 250+ participants and only one winner...

How it all started...

The month of September marked the start of the first full-time session @ Wild Code School Bucharest. 

To properly celebrate this important step for the Romanian campus, we partnered with SkillValue and Pentalog to organise an online contest, followed by an equally exciting event and to award the most motivated and talented JS enthusiast out there a full scholarship for our intensive 5 month course.

Using the SkillValue platform and their expertise in assessing dev skills, we put together a quiz, aimed at discovering all of those beginners out there, looking for a JS challenge in their life. More than 250 registered for this contest and we were super happy to see that much interest in becoming a Wilder :)

And the winner is...

We could only have one winner and in this case a 25 years old coding passionate stood out from the crowd.

Meet Maria, coding enthusiast, super fast learner, highly motivated and… as of September 19th a full scholarship winner!

We were super curious to find our what was the driver behind her decision to enter the contest and here is what she said:

"Regularly, learning to code by yourself, you get stuck  with multiple scenarios , most of the things seem to be impossible at the beginning and at the end it's hard to believe how much time you spent doing just one thing.  Due to that, I couldn't imagine a better timing than this for winning this scholarship. It was my far fetched wish to become a fullstack developer a few days ago and now I am on the fastlane for getting there, mentored by a more than qualified professional, making the most out of a job-like team experience at Wild Code School <3 (Bucharest Campus) <3 "

Needless to say, we are super thrilled to have Maria aboard! 

But that's not all!

As part of the same partnership, we also organised an event for all quiz participants @ our Bucharest campus, on September 19th. 

The event was focused around two interactive presentations: the first one, delivered by Pentalog, was an AGILE workshop where the  participants could discover more about up-to-date methodologies intended to make collaboration within the coding teams more efficient. 

We even had an interactive exercise to help participants discover how to correctly evaluate their time and resources. 

It involved many apples and a loooot of fun :) 

Thanks to the second presentation delivered by one of SkillValue’s most experienced IT recruiters, everyone attending the event got an updated dose of tips and tricks for a successful job interview, illustrated by some useful examples.