Wild Code School organizes its very first Talent Week!

Published on 15 November 2021

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Since September 2021, Wild Code School has added a new team—the Career Support team—whose objective is to assist Wilders in all their professional integration efforts. From December 6 to 10, it is launching its very first edition of Talent Week! 

What’s Talent Week? 

As its name suggests, Talent Week is a week dedicated to the recruitment of our talents. On the occasion of this 100% virtual forum, we anticipate that no fewer than 100 international companies will make this first annual event a true success.

Throughout the week, recruiters, tech professional, and Wilders will connect around different topics such as: 

  • online interviews on the Seekube platform to find an internship, a work-study program or a job anywhere in Europe
  • conferences and round tables to discover or deepen certain topics related to recruitment in the Tech world
  • mock hi-tech interviews conducted by our instructors to prepare Wilders for their future recruitment experiences.

Talent Week: I'm interested!

Tech professionals and/or recruiters, you are interested in discovering and recruiting our talents? Participate in our Talent Week by filling out our registration form

Wilders, it's your time to shine! Don't wait any longer ; prepare this recruitment meeting with your career specialists.

Talent Week: what types of candidates will be present? 

Wild Code School is a leading European school offering lifelong learning programs at 20+ campuses, remotely or at company’s offices. Our blended, project-based, hands-on teaching approach brings together the power of our online learning platform and the network of 50+ full-time dedicated instructors.

For this first annual Talent Week, more than 600 Wilders will be present specializing in... 


Web development

We train developers (full-stack or front-end) whose job is to create, write, test and document websites, applications and/or software. We offer an intensive 5-month training program to acquire the fundamentals of the profession, or a one-year alternating training program in French to consolidate skills and improve.


Data analysis

We train our students for the data professions (data analyst, BI analyst or data scientist) which consist of knowing how to exploit data in order to guide companies in their strategies and their development. At the end of an intensive five-month training course, data analysts will be able to collect, process, model, present, and map data. As for BI analysts, they are more involved in accompanying company managers through "data-driven" strategies using BI tools. Data scientists, on the other hand, will be able to develop an artificial intelligence application, process its data, and integrate and deploy an application at the end of their one-year work-study course.


Product management

During an intensive five-month training course, we help future product managers to develop their technical, commercial, and marketing skills in order to be able to develop a product— often associated with technology—from its creation to its implementation.


Cybersecurity analysis

We train cybersecurity analysts in French during five months of training. Their objective is to be guarantors and guardians of the integrity and confidentiality of their company's computer data. After five months of intensive training, they master all the phases of defense for information systems.


No code 

After an intensive three-month training in French, our no-code developers are able to create a website and/or a mobile application using no-code platforms and in accordance with the design methods.


Ready already? Don't wait any longer—come meet our Wilders!