Fiverr x Wild Code School: Who are the Wild Fiverr Hackathon’s winners?

Published on 16 July 2021

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On July 2nd, our Wilders participated in the Wild Fiverr Hackathon’s final demo. On the agenda: presentation of the projects, and announcement of the 3 winning projects! Discover who are the winners in this dedicated article.

Wild Fiverr Hackathon: who, what, how, when and where?

The context

Wild Fiverr Hackathon took place from June 28th to 30th, together with our partner Fiverr  and the French YouTuber Quentin, from the channel “Développeur Libre”.

During 50 hours, this event brought together...

  • 410 students
  • 20 different campuses in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and Portugal
  • 84 teams from all over Europe

On June 30th, all teams presented their project in local demos. Each campus had one winner for each of the main training themes: web development, data analyst and cybersecurity.

The final demo took place on July 2nd, from 2-4pm, online and live on Zoom. The 15 local finalist groups defended their projects with passion to win one of the 3 winning spots.

The Fiverr x Wild Code School partnership

Why have we launched a hackathon with Fiverr?

This partnership not only gives Wilders a head start on the job market and the resources to build their careers and accelerate their transition from graduates to professionals by:

  • Strengthening their portfolio and work experience ;
  • Leveraging the skills they have acquired in their training at Wild Code School;
  • Maximizing their professional potential...

But thanks to our Wilders, who are on their way to become the future tech specialists of the market, this hackathon also gives Fiverr a fresh look at its platform and its freelance community.

The topics

For the web development teams

The Fiverr freelance community is growing a little bit more every day, with the perpetual creation of new gigs, such as lifestyle, data, music, audio, etc. Just like our Wilders, Fiverr freelancers can help each other on projects and learn together.

With their learning community experience, our Wilders had to get creative and develop a solution (functional web application) to improve the experience of the Fiverr freelance community!

Our web developers could choose to focus their solution on communication between freelancers, collaboration between different professionals, feedback sharing, and many other topics!

As for the selection criteria, they were based on:

  • UX design
  • Concept
  • Technical aspect
  • Presentation of the project

➡️ More info about our web development course

For the data analysis teams

As a matter of fact, tons of gigs are created every day, and Fiverr's algorithm highlights some seller profiles more than others. That's why the Wild Fiverr Hackathon focused its data analysis part on the rules that should be established to support the freelancers’ community and help them create their profile.

The goal of this datathon was to advise Fiverr freelancers on how to effectively fill out their profiles and enter the "good seller" category. This meant finding, quantifying and interpreting quality criteria. Our students had to use all the knowledge they acquired during their training, especially Natural Language Processing (NLP) for text processing, and supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning.

To do this, they used a dataset extracted from Fiverr in which they were able to manipulate:

  • Textual elements: ad text length, vocabulary, categories;
  • Success indicators of a seller profile: number of bookmarks and comments, performance, average scores...

As for the selection criteria, they were based on:

  • Concept
  • Technical aspect
  • Presentation of the project

➡️ More info about our data analysis course

For the cybersecurity teams

Like the Free software communities where users’ and communities’ freedom is respected, benevolent hackers have always helped to identify certain security breaches to contribute to the improvement of websites.

Students were asked to use their cybersecurity expertise to perform a penetration test on the website to identify potential security flaws. And as part of the hackathon, our cyber Wilders had privileged access to Fiverr's pre-prod server throughout the three days.

At the end of the hackathon, the teams had to present their findings to allow Fiverr to better protect itself if necessary.

As for the selection criteria, they were based on:

  • Technical aspect
  • Presentation of the project

➡️ Our cybersecurity course is only available in French!

The jury

On July 2nd, the jury was composed of:

  • Franck Thomas, Partnership Manager, @ Fiverr
  • Florian Grandjean, Developer, @ Wild Code School
  • Cécile Chevalier, Instructional Design Manager @ Wild Code School
  • Aurélien Barbier, Lead instructor @ Wild Code School
  • Leonard Flachs, Lead instructor @ Wild Code School
  • Pierre Mur, Lead instructor @ Wild Code School
  • Yassine Belfkih, Interim CEO @ Wild Code School
  • Quentin "Développeur Libre", Developer & Youtuber

The winning teams

The web developer team: Saturday Night Fiverr 🕺

With Paul Bouhours, Victor Gaugler, Fabien Bataille, Cédric Labarthe and Thomas Allen from Nantes campus.

The problem found by this team is the difficulty for new freelancers to begin their business on Fiverr and make it grow. The members of Saturday Night Fiverr have therefore chosen to create “Fiverr Senpai”, a mentoring system.

The data analysts team: Abracadata ✨

With Marlène Peyraud-Boyer, Charline Thomasson, Vivien Schneider, Matthieu Lauvernier, Rinor Beqiri, Hugo Baumlin and Romain Cambone from the Lyon campus.

This team analyzed the different elements to put on the freelancers' profiles and descriptions, and they settled recommendations on how to build the best profile to stand out from the freelancers’ crowd (which keywords to highlight, for example, or the main information to include).

The cybersecurity team: Cybersecurity team 🛡️

With Amine Boumendjel, Vincent Lubaki, Yohann Jimenez and Louis Marquenet from the Paris campus.

The team members performed a pentest (or penetration testing) to identify possible security breaches on the Fiverr platform, and drew conclusions about its security.

Prizes for the 3 winning teams

At the end of this hackathon, our students were rewarded with 2,000 € of credits to share between the 3 winning teams and to spend on Fiverr. These credits allow them to buy services from freelancers such as:

  • Logo design
  • Web Design
  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • Translation
  • Proofreading
  • Website content
  • Legal writing
  • Video editing
  • Photographer
  • Podcast editing
  • Sound design
  • Fitness lessons
  • Life coaching
  • Astrology & Psychics
  • And much more...

While waiting for the next hackathon, we invite you to watch the replay of the grand finale of our Wild Fiverr Hackathon!