Wild Summer School 2021: learn IT skills for free under the palm trees

Published on 14 July 2021

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Wild Code School takes you in our suitcase to explore the tech world! Give yourself a break to settle your plans for the future, develop new tech skills, and who knows… maybe you’ll discover a new passion! 

Wild Summer School: what objectives and for whom?

What’s the Wild Summer School?

While the first edition gathered more than 2,000 attendees, our Wild Summer School is renewed this year for a month full of free and online tech discoveries! 

Here’s what our last year attendees felt during Wild Summer School 2020:

“It's amazing to finally have a school that offers small intro courses, it finally allows us to see what tech looks like in real life and see if it could be a good fit for us. It's a great idea that’s been executed in the proper way so far, so I'm happy. These free contents were wonderful!

“Wild Summer School is very informative when you're a novice, like me. In 2 weeks, I learned a lot, which allowed me to discover the tech world. and the 3 courses taught by Wild Code School. Like many, I heard about Python, JavaScript, HTML... but I had no idea what it was, what it was used for... and now I know! The workshops with the instructors are great. As I can't attend them in the morning, I watch them on replay in the evening. It's accessible for everyone.”

“I'm a newbie trying to understand if I'm more interested in data analysis or web development. This summer school was PERFECT! It helped a lot to have daily activities!”

We offer you a proper overview of tech professions during an entire month, 100% free and online!

Let’s dive into the tech world together! It’s time to get out your masks and snorkels to discover:

  • Web development
  • Data analysis
  • Cybersecurity
  • No-code
  • Product management

From August 2-28, you'll receive an email each day with a resource to discover:

  • Online events: hands-on workshops with our instructors and feedback from our students for all the questions you have about tech fields;
  • Practice: introduction to the tech world, prep courses and personalized coaching sessions;
  • Contents to read, listen to, and watch: tech and job guides, job placement reports, roundtable replays with tech experts, podcasts of inspiring career transition stories...

Register to Wild Summer School here and now! 

Who is the Wild Summer School for?

Wild Summer School is open to everyone! Whether you are...

  • Curious people who don't have time to build or develop their tech skills during the rest of the year;
  • Tech enthusiasts who are eager to learn more and upskill themselves;
  • Students who still hesitate to join a tech program...

Or if you are one of those who are...

  • Wondering about their career, looking for a job or changing careers;
  • Hesitating between several tech fields...

You will find all the useful resources to fulfill your desire to dive into the tech world! You just have to wait until August… 

What’s the agenda of Wild Summer School 2021?

Wild Summer School will have nothing to do with your vacation notebook memories! 

The best part is that it's adapted to your schedule: whether you are at work, on a road trip, at the seaside or at your mother-in-law's house, you can enroll in our entire Summer School or only one or several thematic weeks of your choice:

Week of August the 2nd: Become the Data expert of the Far West 🌵

Want to get started with data analysis? Take advantage of your summer to explore BI tools, with online workshops and hands-on exercises, and proven methods for analyzing, interpreting, and using your data sets.

Week of August the 9th: Grow into the starfish of Product management 🌊

You're in love with the tech world but you don't have time to study Product Management? Take advantage of this week to discover this profession and its tools, thanks to online workshops and articles!

🇫🇷 You can also join a week dedicated to no code, dispensed in French on August the 9th!

Week of August the 16th: Become the king of Coding ! 🦁

You want to start learning how to code? Whether for pleasure or for professional reasons, you can discover HTML, CSS and JavaScript with online workshops and learn more about the web developer's job and its tools with practical guides and many other surprises!

Week of August the 23th: Turn into the Mike Horn of Cybersecurity ⛰️

🇫🇷 Only for French speakers!

Discover the fundamentals of cybersecurity! Learn everything you need to know about this field with: online workshops, practical guides... - and climb to the top of cybersecurity!

Convinced? Register by clicking here, we are waiting for you!