We are growing our Women Scholarship throughout Europe this year!

Published on 17 November 2019

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Wild Code school made a stand to make tech training accessible to more and more women. After our first scholarships offered in 2017 to 30 women in Paris, 12 in Marseille and 10 in Brussels in 2018, Wild Code School have now decided to open 35 new scholarships for women in its 7 new campuses across Europe worth €230,000.

Women in Tech are “unicorns”

"I think it’s very important to get more women into computing. My slogan is: Computing is too important to be left to men."
Karen Sparck Jones, Professor at Cambridge Computer Laboratory

If there is one profile that everyone is looking for in the recruitment sector it’s the technical ones. Still, women are under-represented in that industry, counting only for 33% of total jobs on the market. This figure makes sense since women are still only representing 8% of the total students among tech trainings courses according to the recent Gender ScanTM study.

Wild Code School is trying to change the “codes”  through the initiative Women are Programming, originally launched  in 2017. Women are so under-represented in the tech environment that we use to name them “unicorns”. The objective is to reverse that trend by training more women into technical jobs and contributing to a better gender equality in both training and job sectors. 

Since then, the proportion of women students in our campuses keep growing. In 2019, 30% of our students were women compared to 25% in 2018.  

Let’s boost tech education and welcome more and more unicorns in the Tech learning sector!

What is this free training about?

These full scholarship sponsored by Wild Code School allows women not only to acquire technical skills but also to build their confidence to apply for a job in the digital sector. Our core learning method is to focus on learning by doing working on projects with real clients. Wild Code School’s team provides support during and after the training course to find an internship or a job. 

Women are Programming received very positive feedback from this  years’ participants. Audrey, a Brussels alumni told us: 

"I worked for a few years in a consulting company and wanted to switch to coding. At that time, I discovered the initiative Woman are Programming on Facebook and decided to apply for the scholarship. I passed the tests and joined Wild Code School for a 5-month web developer training and I am now specialising in front-end development. This was a very positive experience and I would highly recommend it! The class sizes were perfect and allowed for a customised educational and technical support from our teachers, adjusting to the level of ability for each student. The length of the course is perfect allowing enough time for the students to work on real projects. Wild Code School not only allowed me to discover powerful tech tools and languages, but also gave me all the skills I needed to have a global vision and practical experience in web-development and be multi-skilled and totally resourceful in finding a job afterwards."

What requirements do you need to fulfill? 

No need to be an expert in programming to apply, the selection criteria are based on your motivation. No matter your background or your age, everyone has a chance: job-seekers, employees, freelancers, students. Just follow the steps below:

1️⃣Be available full time (Monday - Friday) from 13.01.20 - 20.05.20

2️⃣Complete Wild Code School's application process successfully

3️⃣Must be a woman of 18 years-old or older

Discover in exclusivity the campus list 

Check below the list of the campuses opened to the scholarships with local partners

Wild Code School Amsterdam 

Wild Code School Barcelona 

Wild Code School Berlin 

Wild Code School Budapest 

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Wild Code School Madrid 

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