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Living in Dublin

Digital ecosystem

Digital ecosystem

Ireland has been very successful in attracting the largest tech. cos. in the world and at providing an environment for tech start ups. As a result the digital ecosystem in Ireland is vast, with companies across all sectors ranging from huge beasts like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft to exciting new start ups like Overcast HQSwaye and Flipdish. For a small country Ireland has had huge success in developing, attracting and keeping the most technically advanced cos. in the world. There are over 200 software companies, 80 cyber security companies, 40 AI companies, over 400 financial services companies with huge fintech requirements and a thriving start up scene through various incubator hubs. If the digital world is where you want to be, Ireland is at the heart of all things digital!

Life in

Life in Dublin

Dublin is a beautiful, cultural city full of characters. There’s always craic to be had, and you are never more than a stone’s throw away from nature. From catching a live band in one of the hundreds of pubs, walking the wicklow way or checking out the Dublin food scene, you will not be  short of things to see and do. The bricks and mortar of Dublin’s streets provide the stage to what is a truly great city, a city built on hundreds of years of history and culture. But the heart of Dublin is made from the people who call it their home. Both new and old Dubliners alike bring the city to life. The warmth, the welcome and the wit applied to daily life have made Dubliners known the world over and truly make it one of the best places to live in. 

Peter O’ Toole was once asked what was his favourite Irish food: “My number one choice is Guinness. My number two choice would be Guinness. My number three choice would have to be Guinness.”   

Dublin is truly a global city, and while walking around the streets you will hear the many languages of a new Dublin. These new influences and adopted voices now play a role in defining the multi-faceted culture which resides in Dublin today. Through this mixture of new and old you will find a Dublin which has grown into the cosmopolitan and vibrant city it is today; a city proud of its rich past but continuously striving towards the future.

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