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09, Dec at 17:00 CET
Online Tech Workshop - Introduction to HTML/CSS
14, Dec at 17:00 CET
Online Tech Workshop - Create a holiday card with Javascript
16, Dec at 17:00 CET
Online Tech Workshop - Introduction to Data Analysis

Our training courses Explore

Data analyst

data_analyst.png 5 months 700 h Full-time
  • #Python
  • #SQL
  • #Database
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Web developer

5 months 700 h Full-time
  • #JS
  • #PHP
  • #Java/EE
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Front-end developer

dev_5_month.png 5 months 320 h Part-time
  • #HTML
  • #CSS
  • #JS
  • #React
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Business Intelligence & Data Visualization Analyst

data_analyst.png 5 months 320 h Part-time
  • #python
  • #SQL
  • #Database
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Product Manager

5 months 320 h Part-time
  • #Product Management
  • #product design
  • #product delivery
  • #product manager career
  • #product manager
  • #product strategy
  • #product metrics
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Their stories Our students & alumni

Digital careers

Mohamed, Data Analysis Instructor: “The way I see it, the best teachers are lifelong learners”

Wilders Community

Wilders to Wilders - Mariann, Wilder from our Remote Course

Wilders Community

Leonore Ghisalberti: "I Haven’t Looked Back and Am so Happy I Chose the Remote Course"

Wilders Community

Aleksandr Tolok: A Dancer Who Turned Into Tech

Wilders Community

Kadri: "One of the main things that attracted me to the course was the freedom and flexibility of the industry"

Wilders Community

Lavinia: "The part-time course fitted me best because I still wanted to keep doing the work I did"

Wilders Community

Huyen "I was thinking for a while about a change in my career path, but I couldn’t risk to quit my job"

Learning remotely

Our remote campus

Our remote campus

  • Connect to your live interactive classroom from the comfort of your home to meet with your instructor and learn with other students in your group. Learning remotely does not mean working alone. Courses, projects and workshops are done in teams, with the additional support of a global community of more than 3 000 Wilders across the EU. 
  • All of our remote training courses have been designed to optimize your working schedule without compromising flexibility in how you organize your individual work. 

Increase your employability

Increase your employability

  • Remote learning offers more freedom in your daily organisation, reduced time spent commuting, a personalized workspace (your home!) and collaborative tools to help you master working online. In addition, you will develop your own planning and self-discipline: two skills that recruiters value highly. 
  • Remote experience, combined with the new technical skills you will learn, increases your employability and strengthens your profile for the tech industry.

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