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Competency-based selection

Most of our candidates don’t have previous tech expertise. That’s why our proven online and in-person selection process is based on students ability to learn, collaborate, persevere, and problem-solve using logic.

Blended learning

Reskilling is challenging. Having real instructors and a supportive community helps students learn more quickly and effectively than they would online.

Job-ready learning

You want operational professionals that are ready and able to work in your teams and for your clients. Our students learn both digital and soft skills like project management with real clients, agile methods and learning techniques.

We have already helped 5,000+ students transform their lives by transitioning into tech positions.

They trust us with their corporate training programs

Deutsche Telekom AG: The "Software Engineer Academy" in Java development, and the "Artificial Intelligence & Data Analysis Academy" to reskill employees

A prep class and a 5-month training program to train future hires in Javascript/React/NodeJs, and the "Digital School" to reskill employees

A dedicated training session in C# development for future employees of the bank's IT branch

The "Development School" to help employees transition into web development jobs, and the "Test School" for future QA Testers

Our programs

Reskilling programs

You already have skilled workers who know your industry and culture. Improve retention by exciting them about new career opportunities, while closing the skills gap.

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Train & Hire programs

Tech talent is limited, everyone is going after it and it is less ans less loyal (welcome to the gig economy). Create your own talent by training students to your needs before hiring them.

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Learn about our corporate training programs

Contact Caroline our Client Success Director

Contact Caroline our Client Success Director

We teach highly in-demand tech skills

Given the ever-changing technology landscape, the needs of the corporate workforces are rarely static. That’s why Wild Code School’s corporate curriculum is dynamic and tailored to match the needs of employers across the globe.

Software development illustration

Software development

Web developer, Mobile developer, Blockchain developer

Quality Assurance (QA) illustration

Quality Assurance (QA)


Data & Artificial Intelligence illustration

Data & Artificial Intelligence

Data analyst, Data scientist, Business intelligence analyst

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Cybersecurity analyst, PENtester

Flexible & scalable solutions

Custom training programs

Ready-to-deploy programs

At your office or at one of our 24 European campuses

An education partner from A to Z

We work with you as partners, not just providers. That's why we offer account management services - to answer all your queries, big or small - and support you every step of the way.

Before training

A proven selection process illustration

A proven selection process to ensure the most efficient use of your training investments

Internal marketing illustration

Internal marketing - events and mini-courses to let your employees know who we are, what we do, and how they can take advantage of Wild Code School courses at your company

Prep classes illustration

Prep classes to bring beginners up to speed and make the program as accessible as possible to the largest audience

During training

A european learning community illustration

A european learning community, both online and onsite, to help your talent build their professional network

Top-notch soft skills and agile methods coaching illustration

Top-notch soft skills and agile methods coaching, to give students real-world experience working and succeeding in team environments

Collective and individual students success reporting illustration

Collective and individual students success reporting to ensure that everyone is on track

After training

An internal sponsorship program illustration

An internal sponsorship program that matches our students with their future colleagues so they can integrate into the company culture before their first day

An instructor-led helpdesk illustration

An instructor-led helpdesk, during training and after to support you and your team in onboarding new hires

Slack daily standups after the training illustration

Slack daily standups after the training to keep your newly trained tech experts updated and motivated for their future career at your company