Data analysis course

Full time 5 month data analysis course - become a data analyst and develop cutting-edge technical data skills. Learn SQL and Python, machine learning, and practice in hands-on scenarios.

Dates and tuition of our Data analysis course

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How to finance the course?

We provide an efficient and flexible training schedule and a variety of payment options to meet your needs. Pay upfront with a 5% or 10% discount, or choose 3 installments. Personal loans are available to cover our tuition through our third-party lending partners. Payment methods vary from country to another. Reach out to our local team to learn more about the financing options available to you.

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Prerequisites of our Data analysis course

This course is open to all adults regardless of your expertise with data analytics. You should however be comfortable with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, and have a basic knowledge of mathematics. You will receive primers on any foundational areas that you may need to brush up on and supplementary training as required. With the expertise of our instructors we help you quickly learn the basics of machine learning, Python, SQL and other key technologies you will need to excel as a data analyst. Your professional project and motivation are two essential components that are evaluated during the application process.

Ready to start a new career adventure as a data analyst? The data analyst profession will continue to be one of the most in-demand jobs throughout the 2020s and beyond. We have the primary goal of helping you get your first job as a data analyst. Enroll in this course and join our other “Wilders” today, and enter the exciting and ever-changing world of data analytics. Choose between distance learning or on-campus depending on your needs.

Syllabus Detailed

This data analysis course is unique in that it is based on extensive practical experience along with being comprehensive and intensive throughout the 5 month full time program.
Wild Code School’s 5 month data analysis course can be completed full time and offers you the latest cutting-edge training in machine learning, SQL and Python to acquire a job. In 5 months you’ll learn all of the foundational knowledge that potential employers may require to serve in your first role as a data analyst. You will also participate in numerous scenarios to gain practical expertise. No prior experience is necessary to get started.

5 Months Full Time to Become a Data Analyst

Our 5 month full time data analysis course is designed for every type of learner, expertise level and background. Even if you have no experience at all with data analytics, we will provide you with complete training that you can then utilize to land your first job. This program is suitable both for those looking to upskill in data analytics or change careers entirely. Even if you are not wanting to be a data analyst right now, you will be able to contribute at a high level to data analytics projects at your employer after taking this course. If you want to be a data analyst, this course gives you a full foundation in processing data using Python algorithms, querying a database, modeling and presenting data, using data science and Big Data platforms, creating dashboards and visualizations, manipulating interactive and dynamic dataviz and much more.

The training prepares students to the following missions:

  1. Data collection: exploration and querying of different types of databases, and data recovery
  2. Automating data processing: cleaning, completing, correcting, standardizing
  3. Structured data modeling: identification of existing correlations and use of Machine Learning to make predictions
  4. Data visualization: enhancement and interpretation of relevant data, and formatting in a dashboard
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Real Experience with Data Analytics

Not only do you receive theoretical training, you will also put it into practice extensively. Our cutting edge platform and structured projects allow you to extensively practice the skills in SQL, Python, and data viz that you will gain in this course. With this focus on practical application, you will quickly learn the basics of data analysis technologies and tools. You will be able to approach data processing techniques throughout every stage of the data life cycle, from collection, preparation, to exploitation and restitution. You will also gain a strong introduction into machine learning which is essential for any data analyst, and you’ll learn how to leverage tools like Tableau or Power BI for reporting and captivating visualizations.

The training aims to prepare for the following jobs:

  • data analyst
  • BI consultant/analyst (Business Intelligence)
  • business analyst

Data analysts (BI analyst or business analyst) can be found in all sectors and concern all sizes of companies.

Download the syllabus

We Coach You Toward Your First Job

Throughout the course, you will receive the support of your full-time instructor. As you build your portfolio of projects, you will improve your resume and soft skills and stand out to recruiters once it comes time to look for a job. You will also be able to leverage our network of over 1,000 partner companies for job opportunities along with an extensive alumni network. We also teach you how to stay up to date with the latest changes in data analysis. You are provided with numerous opportunities to engage with companies with events like job datings, customer projects, datathons, digital consultations and more.

The training will prepare students to take the French exam of Data analyst (RNCP) in the process of registration at France competences.

Download the syllabus

Typical week at Wild Code School Berlin

  • monday

    • Quests

      Exercises, tutorials and challenges on our Odyssey educational platform.

    • Course & Workshop

      The only lesson of the week, followed by a practical workshop.

  • tuesday

    • Dojo

      Resolve an algorithmic problem together as a group with the mentoring of the instructor.

    • Live Coding

      Led by the instructor to showcase development techniques.

    • Support

      In very small groups, according to the needs, dedicated moments to come back on points of difficulties.

  • wednesday

    • Partner projects

      Collaboration in groups of 3-4 students on a project for a real company.

    • Partner projects

      Collaboration in groups of 3-4 students on a project for a real company.

  • thursday

    • Autonomous work

      Autonomous work on your projects or on any other exercise given by the instructor. This is also the perfect time to deepen your knowledge, or catch up on your quests.

    • External speaker

      An external speaker shares his or her expertise with students.

    • Support

      In very small groups, according to the needs, dedicated moments to come back on points of difficulties.

  • friday

    • Projects & demo

      Collaboration in groups of 3-4 students on a project for a real company. At the end of the week, it is time to finalize your "sprint" and show to your peers and instructor the progress your group has made on the current project.

    • Project retrospective

      This is the time to review the week's teamwork and capitalize on the group's strengths and weaknesses to plan the next week's work.

    • Press review

      Individually, a group of Wilders take the floor to present to the rest of the class the technological innovations of the moment related to the Data analyst job. This is an opportunity to work on one's ability to continuously train oneself.

    • Retrospective

      Joint meeting to review the week and a demonstration of the week's progress by project teams.

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    The prerequisites of our data analysis course

    What does the job of data analyst consist of? What is his role?

    Data analysts analyze data and extract insights to help guide the strategic decisions of a company and its growth. 

    The data analyst works directly with data extensively as a part of the profession and has three main goals:

    • Collect raw data

    • Structure the data

    • Transform the data into insightful visualizations

    Data analysts have been increasingly sought after by companies because they allow them to manipulate their data with finesse and make smarter data driven decisions. Data analyst skills are among the most in demand, ahead of programming skills, and skills related to software design. 

    For more details about what data analysts do, check out our detailed job description.

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