Intro to coding

Want to learn to code for free? You’re in the right place. Learn how to code completely free today with our 100% free Intro to Coding course at Wild Code School. This course is designed to provide you with a basic coding foundation and help you decide if a web development career is right for you.

Prerequisites of our Intro to coding

Even if you have zero experience, this course will familiarize you with coding so you can decide if it’s something you want to pursue. We understand how important it is to have flexible training options. That’s why we have structured this course to be easily accessible online and approachable for all experience levels.

Learn more about our FREE Intro to Coding course, enroll today and join our passionate community of Wilders who love learning and pushing ahead in their careers!

Syllabus Detailed

This free prep course in coding does not require any experience. Whether you have coded before or are starting from scratch, we will get you up to speed and help you familiarize yourself with the basics of coding.

After learning basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other coding basics including wireframes, you’ll end the course with a final review and short quiz. You’ll also receive a “Web developer Prep course for beginners” badge from Wild Code School upon completion, which you can share on LinkedIn, Facebook or your other social media pages.

Learn the Basics of Coding in 10 Hours

With our series of exercises, quizzes and lectures, we provide you with a strong introduction to coding which you can take in many different directions. Start anytime you would like and complete it at your own pace.

At the end of the course, you’ll be able to carry on and enroll in one of our 5-month programs or otherwise further your learning. In just 10 hours we will provide you with an excellent coding foundation to build upon.

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Independent Learning and Practice

This Intro to Coding course is designed to be flexible and fun! Work through the course on your own schedule during your own hours. Learn coding while traveling or whenever you have a few extra minutes.

Like the ancient Greek tale of Jason and the Golden Fleece, today we are setting you on a heroic quest to achieve the great task of learning coding and perhaps becoming a developer afterwards! Don’t worry, you don’t have to know anything about ancient Greece or the story to take this course.

Download the syllabus

We Guide You Toward The Next Step

If you develop an appetite for coding, we have the perfect next step in one of our 5-month courses, including our 5-month full time Web Development Course or another option that may be suitable for your needs.

This course also helps you prepare for our “tech challenge”, one of the key steps that are required for admission into one of our training programs. If you would like to proceed, our enrollment team will reach out to you, help you get started and answer all of your questions. You can also schedule a call with an enrollment representative for a personalized consultation.

Download the syllabus

Questions about our Intro to coding?

Need advice on the program that best suits you? Want to talk about your career transition plan? Share your contact information and a member of our team will call you back asap!

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Start with a free intro to coding course

How can I learn to code for free? Where can I learn to code for free?

We offer a free Intro to Coding course to help you get started in the world of coding at no cost, online, and with complete flexibility. As a secondary goal, you can test your appetite for the tech sector.

Afterwards, if you are interested in going further, we recommend a 5-month professional program to help you develop your skills in a particular field like Full Stack Web Development or Front-End Web Development, Data Analysis or Product Management.

Our 5-month programs are part time or full time, professional, and intensive. They are designed to help you become fully employable upon completion, whether you want to be a developer, business analyst, data analyst or product manager.

What is a web developer job?

The job of a web developer consists of creating, writing, testing and documenting websites, applications or software. A developer works in a team, most often with clients, project managers and other web developers. Find out all about the web developer job.  

If I am a beginner, can I join the free prep course?

YES! This course is open to any adult regardless of your prior coding experience. No certificate is needed or any prior degree. You can complete the course at your own pace entirely online

All you need to do is register today and click on the confirmation link that you will receive via email!

How do I register for the free intro to coding?

Simply click any of the registration link on this page, then fill out the form and confirm your registration via email. You will complete the entirety of this course on Argo, our educational platform.

Will this course help me get a job?

This course is not designed to help you get a job, if that is your goal, you should enroll in our 5-month full time web development course

This course will give you a basic primer in web development so that you have a better understanding of the tools and technologies used by web developers and more knowledge about what the job typically entails.

Enroll and Start Learning Coding Today

How can beginners learn to code?

The best way to learn coding is to take an intro course like this one to get your feet wet, and then build a foundation to begin a more intensive course such as our 5 month full time Web Developer Course or another option.

Once you have completed a more in-depth course then you can comfortably apply for a position and become a part of the web development sector.

We currently offer two coding courses:

Our 5-month courses include extensive theoretical and practical training so that you learn all the basics of web development. You will learn mastery of regularly used languages and frameworks like JavaScript/React/PHP/Symfony. You will discover new concepts on our Odyssey platform and hone your skills.

Our instructors will provide you with individualized support. With extensive practical experience during the course, you will be fully prepared for your first position. 

We also connect you to job opportunities at over 1,000 partner companies throughout Europe along with a vast alumni network who can further connect you to job opportunities. We host events like resume and interview workshops, career dating events and help you with soft skills as well as technical skills so you land your ideal job.

If I want to continue, what is the format of the 5-month Web Developer course? Can it be completed remotely in its entirety?

If you would like to proceed with professional training in web development/coding or other specialties, you can learn in a classroom setting on one of our campuses or online. We have campuses in major European cities (Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, etc.) but many of our students prefer the remote learning option because of the flexibility and ability to access it anywhere in the world. 

If you choose the remote option, you will connect with your instructor and class on a regular basis, on the weekends or weekdays with a flexible schedule. Much of the instructional training is performed live and among teams, so our program is engaging even when you choose our distance learning option.

What skills will I have acquired at the end of the 5-month Web Developer training at Wild Code School?

Our 5-month full time Web Development Course prepares you for your first professional position. You will have mastered the essential tools and languages that you need to know for an entry-level coding job. 

You will be able to develop and design an application, how to use an API, design a database, integrate a user interface and more. Languages and frameworks you will learn and be exposed to include HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, React, SQL and more. You will learn Agile project management methods and have worked on numerous hands-on projects while being able to understand the needs of a client. 

This is 100% professional training that will make you directly employable after training, likely at one of our over 1,000 partner companies.

Become a web developer after the bootcamp

What is the job placement rate of your students in the web development program?

"Will I find a job after my training?" That's a question everyone asks before upgrading their skills or starting a training program (and rightfully so!). At Wild Code School, our main goal is to train and support our students to ultimately achieve employment. 

84% of our alumni are employed 1 year after graduation, 86% of them on permanent contracts. Learn more about the rate of employment of our Wilders, their fields of specialization, and the companies that trust us in our 2021 annual job placement report.

What are the job opportunities in the web development sector?

As a web developer, many opportunities are open to you: full stack web developer, mobile application developer, front-end developer, back-end developer in different types of structures: SMEs, startups or communities, in web agencies or as a freelancer.

We invite you to read the testimonials of our Wilders on our blog to discover their careers in detail and gain a better understanding of the types of jobs you may qualify for after graduation.

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