Part-time Coding Bootcamp

Become a full-stack Web Developer, with our 5 months, part-time and online Bootcamp. In this Part-Time Programming Course, you will learn different technologies like JavaScript, React.js and others. Developed with a methodology based on the practical component, you will learn to code, create your portfolio of projects and develop your soft skills in only 5 months!

Prerequisites of our Part-time Coding Bootcamp

Our online Part-time Coding Bootcamp is open to everyone who wants to change careers and start coding from scratch or to deepen some knowledge in the coding area, so, there are no technical prerequisites to join this training. However, all classes are taught in English as a preparation for the international market, and as such, a good written and spoken understanding of this language is essential. 

At Wild Code School, we offer a remote 5-month, intensive, immersive, part-time coding bootcamp to help you upskill or quickly change careers. Above all, we look for a state of mind characterized by the motivation to succeed, creativity to find solutions, and the ability to work in a team. Your motivation and English language proficiency are two essential components that will be assessed during the application process.

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Syllabus Detailed

Our Part-Time Coding Bootcamp is challenging and incorporates an extensive hands-on component to help prepare you for the real-world market. You will learn to code by working on interactive websites that use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other technologies. 

With the support of our instructors, online live classes, and many projects based on today's market needs, you will easily learn how to code and be prepared for your job in the tech field By the end of the Part-Time Coding Bootcamp, you will have acquired a solid foundation in the following computer languages and frameworks:HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, SQL, Node.js.

As it is a Part-time Coding Bootcamp designed for working students, classes are held online, from Monday to Thursday at 7 pm (Lisbon time), and one Saturday per month all day.

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20 Weeks to Become a Full-Stack Web Developer

This Part-Time Coding Bootcamp was developed for all levels of proficiency - from beginner to professional -  to acquire the technical fundamentals skills to become a full-stack web developer. At the end of this Part-time Coding Bootcamp you will be able to design a functional web application, establish a product backlog, build wireframes or mock-ups, use an API, understand how to integrate a user interface via HTML5, CSS3 and much more!

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Intensive and Immersive

This part-time programming course embodies a substantial amount of practice because we believe this practice will help you learn and assimilate more easily, especially when learning how to code! 

Throughout this training you will discover and develop new concepts in our Odyssey Education Platform, to improve your technical skills by applying the learned concepts in practical exercises based on real scenarios. The projects developed during the Part-time Coding Bootcamp are assembled into a portfolio to show to recruiters your technical skills, obtain interviews, and achieve your employment goals.

As a complement to the practical component, we add a development plan of soft skills needed for today's job market, where you can improve your communication, presentation and intrapersonal skills for interviews.

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Toward your first job as a Web Developer

Upon completion of the Part-Time Coding Bootcamp, you will benefit from a Career Support team that will help you find your first web developer job within 1 year of completing the course. You will learn how to effectively organize your resume and showcase your people skills.

As part of the Wilder community, our Career Support team has a network of over 1000 partner companies and an extensive alumni network to lead you to your first tech work experience. You'll receive numerous opportunities to meet companies at events like job fairs, client projects, hackathons, digital consultations and more.

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