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Enroll in our 5 month part time product management course and train while you work. Learn product creation from A to Z, technical and design skills, and more to secure a job or upskill.

Dates and tuition of our Product management course

How to finance the course?

We provide an efficient and flexible training schedule and a variety of payment options to meet your needs. Pay upfront with a 5% or 10% discount, or choose 3 installments. Personal loans are available to cover our tuition through our third-party lending partners. Payment methods vary from country to another. Reach out to our local team to learn more about the financing options available to you.

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Prerequisites of our Product management course

This course is perfect for beginners as well as those with experience who are hoping to upskill. Contribute to product management tasks at your current employer or change careers entirely after you acquire new product management skills. We build a strong foundation in product management that you’ll be able to take many different directions upon program completion. In only 5 months you will gain all of the key foundational skills and the right knowledge base that employers seek. You’ll also participate in numerous hands-on collaborations. No experience in product management is required to enroll. To join Wild Code School, all you have to do is validate our application process.

There’s no time like the present to start an enticing new career as a product manager or upskill. Demand is growing for this profession, and it’s rated as one of the best and most secure jobs.

Syllabus Detailed

At Wild Code School we offer a complete, 5-month, part time product management (not to be confused with project management) course that will help you secure your first job or upskill to work on product management tasks or collaborations at your current employer. The product management course at Wild Code School is designed to provide you with substantial practice and intensive training throughout the entire 5-month period while also being fully manageable part-time. Regardless of your experience, you will receive valuable training in product management that will prepare you for your next role.

5 Months Part Time to Become a Product Manager

This 5-month part time product management course is designed for any background and experience level. You’ll find tremendous value in this course while getting all the knowledge you’ll need for your first paying position or to take on new roles and responsibilities. 

Start contributing to product management tasks or change your career entirely with this course. By the end, you will understand product development from A to Z, have developed new marketing and sales skills, improved your technical product dev skills, be able to understand customer issues far better, and communicate these issues to your internal teams which may include developers, designers and marketers.

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Real Experience with Product Management

You won’t just learn theory: we also provide you with plentiful hands on experience in collaboration with our other “Wilders.” Our innovative platform helps you train with substantial real practice, on your own time and schedule. We also teach you how to stay at the cutting-edge of product management. The hard and soft skills you gain in our product management course will serve you well for your entire career.

Many of our students are working professionals, and so we understand just how important it is for our training to be flexible. We offer distance training for this product management course that will meet your scheduling needs.

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We Coach You Toward Your First Job

Our overall mission is to give you everything you will need to secure your first position as a product manager. That means that we provide you with substantial training on how to interview better, resume guidance, coaching and more. We provide you with job opportunities from our list of over 1,000 partner companies throughout Europe, and we connect you to open jobs from that list. Our alumni are also available to connect with for networking, coaching or job opportunities.

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Typical week

  • monday

    • Lesson

      Lesson to discover new concepts

    • Workshop

      Practical workshop following the course

  • tuesday

    • Homework

      Quests on the learning platform Odyssey

  • wednesday

    • Lesson

      Lesson to discover new concepts

    • Workshop

      Practical workshop following the course

  • thursday

    • Homework

      Quests on the learning platform Odyssey

  • saturday

    • Workshop

      Practical workshop following the course

    • Projects

      Collaboration in groups of 3-4 students on a project

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    The prerequisites of our product management course

    What is the role of a product manager?

    Product managers are responsible for nearly every step of the creation of a product. Their main mission is to develop a product strategy from conception to consumer use by being the customer’s voice and also the intermediary and coordinator between all of the various teams involved such as marketers, developers and designers. The product manager is often called the “CEO of the product.” This is for good reason because at the initiation of a startup, the CEO is the one who manages the product. Once a company grows, this role is delegated to a product manager.

    Find out all about the product manager job.  

    Product manager vs. product owner: is product manager the same job as product owner?

    Product manager is often mistakenly confused with the Agile/Scrum-related job role of product owner. The missions and obligations of each job are quite different. 

    Product owners ensure that the product delivers maximum value to the user and are more involved with the day-to-day operations of a product, including creating and prioritizing a product backlog, creating a feature to-do list for the development team, and more. This is a role that is based on the Agile or Scrum development method exclusively, while product managers are essential regardless of what development method is used, or even when the product is not tech related. 

    Product manager should also not be confused with project manager, here an article to check the differences between project managers and product managers roles.

    How do I learn product management?

    There are a variety of ways you can learn product management including both in-person or online courses. We offer a comprehensive product management training course that provides you with the foundational knowledge that you will need for a starting or entry-level product management role. We have found that 5-months is the ideal length of time for you to gain in-depth knowledge of product management.

    You must complete our 3-step application process to register for our training course:

    • Registration on our website: you will have to fill in a form and choose the course and the campus of your choice. Our training courses take place on campus or remotely. If you want to join a remote training course, you just have to select the "Remote" campus in the language of your choice.

    • Motivational interview: you will discuss your professional project and your motivation to join Wild Code School with an admissions manager.

    • Technical interview: you will present your tech challenge (an exercise to be completed after the motivational interview) and discuss with an instructor whether you have the potential to become a tech specialist.

    The application process can be completed in 1 week and registrations are open until 7 days before the start of the course.

    What is the format of the 5-month product management course? Can I take it online?

    This product management course is distance based and can be completed part-time so that you can train while working full-time if you would like. You can complete the course in its entirety using our online platform. Enroll today and choose the option that works best for your schedule or speak to an enrollment specialist to learn more.

    The program of the product management training course

    What is the duration of this product management course? What skills will I have acquired at the end of the training?

    This course takes approximately 320 hours of training part time across 5 months. You will learn the following skills:

    • How to develop a product from A to Z as a product manager
    • Master the key aspects of product management: strategy, design (UI, UX, prototype, design sprint), conception (product roadmap, user stories, backlog), product launch, and follow-up (data analysis, performance measurement tools).
    • Develop key technical skills with data analysis and web development.
    • Develop key sales and marketing skills.
    • Learn a global vision to coordinate communication with development and design teams, learn about the main frameworks and languages of product development, learn fundamentals of web prototypes, data visualization, and databases.
    • Understand customer issues at a higher level and communicate them to your internal marketers, designers and developers.

    You will also participate in a real world collaboration to create a product strategy, design a product, and build a prototype using a no-code application.

    You can download the complete product management course syllabus on this link.

    Who developed this product management course?

    We developed this course in partnership with, a community of skilled European product managers that counts Netflix, Google and Facebook among its clients.

    How is Wild Code School's instruction innovative? How will my trainer accompany me during the training?

    We provide both technical and product management skills along with job interview and resume skills so that you get a “full training package”. 

    You’ll get everything you truly need to obtain a position in product management. 

    You’ll also get personalized support from an instructor who will support you the entire duration along with your group, review your progress and learning, adapt your training as needed, and help you overcome anything you may be struggling with.

    Will I receive a certificate at the end of this training?

    Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion after finishing our product management course which you can show to potential employers.

    Become a product manager after 5 months of part-time work

    How do I become a product manager? Will I be helped in launching my career as a PM?

    Yes! Our goal is always to help you obtain employment as the end result of this training. You’ll receive CV/resume feedback, opportunities for interview workshops, LinkedIn help, events with recruiters, and job opportunities from our partner group of 1,000+ companies throughout Europe.

    What is the salary of a product manager?

    The job of product manager was unknown until a few years ago in Europe and now it is very much in demand. The salary ranges between 35 k€ and 91 k€ gross per year based on estimates from Glassdoor depending on experience level, the size of the company and other factors. Product managers are now highly sought after by a range of firms of different sizes including startups, SMEs, and large enterprises.

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