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Wild Code School is a leading European tech school offering lifelong learning programs at 20+ campuses, remotely or at company’s offices.

Our blended, project-based, hands-on teaching approach brings together the power of our online learning platform and the network of 50+ full-time dedicated instructors.

We believe that learning will become the major human occupation. We support that vision by encouraging a supportive & joyful learning environment.

Passion, innovation and humanity are the values dear to our international community of 5.000+ students and alumni.

Values Our


Our instructors are first and foremost professionals who are passionate about their work and want to spread their knowledge and love for technology. By seeking to improve the ways we learn each day, we provide our students with a learning environment that encourages creativity, solidarity and the desire to succeed.


At Wild Code School, we learn how to learn, do things differently, improve what already exists, and surpass ourselves—day after day. Innovation is a state of mind that's focused on permanent improvement. Tech professions are constantly evolving thanks to never-ending technological advances. That's why our school is committed to a process of continuous improvement of training for the most innovative professions.


We place the human being at the heart of our teaching approach. Humans not only create technological advances but also flourish independently through their experiences, encounters, and thoughts. More than a vast community, our Wilders are a big family. Their rich and varied personalities make the strength of our school.

History Our

During a hackathon to imagine the education of tomorrow, our two founders, Anna Stépanoff and Romain Coeur decided to launch a web development bootcamp. Our very first Wild Code School campus was created in La Loupe (Centre region) in France in 2013.

Today, Wild Code School:
- Has trained more than 5,000 alumni
- Offers programs in Web Development, Data Analysis, Cybersecurity, No Code and Product Management
- Welcomes students at our 20+ campuses across Europe, as well as within our online live sessions and at the premises of some companies
- 84% of our students found a job after our programs

"Wild" Code School Why

“Wild” means "alternative": our innovative teaching approach disrupts the traditional educational system.

We offer a different training environment (without shoes), with students coming from various backgrounds. We value personality and motivation more than background.

We started our activities in La Loupe, a setting close to nature, hence the "wild" side. What's more, we seek to maintain our interest in the environment by making our students aware of ecological issues that involve technology.

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