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Wild Code School students?

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What kind of projects do we accept?

The best client projects involve front-end (ie. in-browser user interfaces) or back-end development (ie. databases, servers, or back-end development).

We prefer POC projects (Proof of Concept) defined as:

  • A client wants to test an idea but doesn’t have the time or resources to develop it
  • The project success has no crucial impact on the business
  • The idea or concept is quite new and can be built from scratch or as an independent application
  • The development can be completed in 2 months, (~150 hours allocated by each student in the group)

We avoid projects that:

  • Have critical impact on the client business
  • Require full-feature development with deadlines
  • Include building any payment functionality
  • Use complex APIs (ie. IoT, complicated authentication, etc.)
  • Involve finishing or fixing an existing project

Explore students projects

Students work on at least 3 projects throughout the course. Students complete their third projects in groups with real client partners. This is an excellent opportunity for client partners to get to know our students, see their work, and hire the best candidates after their completion of the program.