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Are Web Developer or Data analyst jobs also for women?

Web Developer or Data analyst are professions open to all profiles. Wild Code School now welcomes 25% women

The jobs in the digital sector may involve staggered working hours, which may at first seem like a constraint, but which can also be a great advantage with very flexible working hours, in which remote work is possible. 

A woman alone or with children can therefore adapt her schedule according to her needs. Knowing how to code also allows women to be more creative, to benefit from a booming sector and to launch an entrepreneurial project more easily.

Do I get help to find a job after the training?

Of course! The campus managers of each school are there to support each student in their search for an internship or a job. They help the student to position themselves on the job market. Students benefit from lessons and coaching sessions on job searching, CV and cover letter writing, online presencetechnical tests, and interview preparation

The school also receives exclusive internship and job offers, which are regularly sent to students and alumni.

Do you offer distance learning?

We offer distance learning. You can check all the detailed information about our remote trainings going to "Campus" and selecting one of our remote campus. 

How many students are there per session?

The number of students depends on the capacity of each campus. We guarantee a maximum of 20 students for 1 trainer, which allows us to offer individual support during the training and job research later on.

Is it possible to work and attend the course at the same time?

It depends on the course. 

In the full-time program, you must devote 100% of your energy to learning the skills needed for your new job. 

You should go to class from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. Most students tend to stay later to work on their projects. It is therefore not possible to work full-time in parallel. 

The part-time courses allow students to combine full-time work and training, as the courses are taught in the evenings and on Saturdays. However, it does require also dedicating some of your free time to the program.

What are some of the opportunities open to me after the training?

Wild Code School provides training for tech jobs. Our former students work in big companies, startupslocal authoritiesweb agencies or as freelancers.

After the training, many professional opportunities open up, such as becoming a web developer, mobile application developer, data analyst, etc.

What is the hybrid training?

During the pandemic, many companies had to change their work organization to enable their employees to work remotely. The majority of them have now adopted hybrid work models, allowing their employees to split their time between remote working from home, and coming in to the workplace. 

To respond to this new reality, we have decided that our full-time bootcamps will be in a hybrid format on our Lisbon Campus, which means that students have the flexibility to choose how they want to learn. They have the option to come to the campus for in-person learning some days and to work from home the rest of the week. They can also choose to be fully remote. 

This hybrid training approach allows students to learn programming while also taking into account their personal circumstances. It provides students living far from the campus a better work-life balance by eliminating the need for long commutes, and allowing them to save valuable time and resources on transportation. 

We understand that hybrid learning can be challenging and we provide students with a range of resources and support to ensure they have a positive and successful learning experience. We are using online platforms and tools to facilitate interaction and collaboration between students and instructors, and to provide access to course materials and assignments. 

 We believe that this hybrid training approach is beneficial for students and help them to learn how to work efficiently remotely, which will be an important skill for their future career.

What is the typical profile of a Wild Code School student?

There is no specific profile. Recruitment is based on skills and motivation. 

Some of our students are in the process of retraining or seeking professional development, looking to enter a booming sector. Others have already received computer training, but lack practice. Others may want to add a string to their bows, such as graphic designers or integrators, to boost their profile and gain interest from recruiters. Some applicants are working on a startup project and are looking to acquire programming skills to build their prototype, the MVP of their application. 

The average student age at Wild Code School is 29. We accept students from 18 years of age. Some of our students do not have a degree, others have a doctorate. This is what contributes to the richness of the training.

What language is the bootcamp taught in?

It depends on the campus: 

  • In campuses located in France, the program is in French
  • In campuses located outside France, like in Lisbon for instance, the program is in English.
  • REMOTE EN bootcamps are taught in English as well.

In order to attend our English bootcamps, students must have a good level and understanding of English.

What type of computer do I need?

This is the required set-up for your own computer:

- Minimum processor Intel i5 (4 years or less) 

- Minimum Ram 8 Go

SSD 120 Go

- Operating System. Minimum: Windows 10, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or MacOS 10.14 Mojave

Depending on your training course, resources can be more suitable for one or the other operating system (Ubuntu for the Web Development courses, Windows for the Data course).

You can also bring additional personal devices (mouse, keyboard...)

Why do Wilders learn without shoes?

Wild Code School students remove their shoes before entering the school. We want them to feel at home, relaxed and comfortable. 

Taking off your shoes is also a way to change your habits, to free yourself from the shackles of traditional education, which often prevents you from expressing yourself. When the feet are free, so is your mind!