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What is remote training?

At Wild Code School, a remote training is done live by a trainer and allows you to attend from home. Just like in our face-to-face training programs you will join your virtual class of around twenty other students led by an instructor and campus manager. Here too, you will follow a course schedule and participate in activities, necessary to structure your days. Finally, you will have access to our tools and collaborate live with your group and trainer via chat, video, shared documents, etc.

How is remote training different from an on-campus training course?

  • No commuting, flexible but structured schedule--learn on your terms. You can thus benefit from the comfort of learning from home, optimize your home-office, reduce the time spent commuting and then be more relaxed.
  • Remote training is designed to give you more flexibility in your day to day organization (you can consult a typical remote week on our website).
  • Collaborate with our European student community: remote trainings have, students from many different countries.

Can I work and learn remotely at the same time?

We offer two types of remote courses: full-time and part-time courses. If you’d like to work during your training, we strongly recommend you to join our part-time courses. Our remote full-time courses require you to be available for 35 hours per week.

You can find more course details in the "courses" section of our website.

How can I find a job through remote learning?

We coach and prepare you  to join the professional world. 

During your training, you will meet with tech professionals from across Europe who will share their experiences and best practices with you. 

You will work on a project with a real client and build your portfolio to impress recruiters.

Your Campus Manager leads coaching workshops to help you meet recruiters expectations (CV workshops, Linkedin, preparation for job interviews ...).

Finally, the Wild Code School has a network of over 20 campuses in France and Europe. If you wish, you will be able to participate in the different tech events organized in the closest campus and meet with our partners in the local tech ecosystem. 

What equipment do I need for remote training?

For best training conditions, we recommend the following equipment:

  • A good internet connection: this is the key to being able to follow your remote training without interruption. Test your internet connection directly here: www.speedtest.net. You need at least 4Mbit/s for download and 128Kbit/s for upload to follow the remote training.

  • A computer with Linux, Mac or Windows

  • Headphones so that you are not disturbed by outside noise and are fully concentrated.

  • A dedicated work environment: a desk in a quiet room and a good chair to avoid back problems.

  • Bonus: a second screen to help to juggle between video conferences and your working environment so that you feel more comfortable and efficient.

If you need advice on what equipment to buy, do not hesitate to contact your campus manager directly.