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Can I really learn a job in such a short time?

Wild Code School offers intensive training courses ranging from 3 months to 1 year. We push our students so that they reach their optimal abilities over a compact schedule.

At the end of the training, our students will have mastered most of the tools covered, especially since we provide the opportunity for them to practice in the many projects and workshops that we offer. They have integrated agile project management methods, know how to understand and formalise a client's needs and provide clear and constructive feedback.

Wild Code School is 100% professional and our students can be hired directly after the training. And above all, we teach them how to learn. Therefore, they have the necessary agility to organise their technological watch, continue to be trained, learn other technologies, and new languages.

How is Wild Code School different from a traditional course?

Wild Code School allows each of its students to acquire knowledge and develop their skills, just like in a traditional training organization or school. 

What differentiates Wild Code School is the way students approach different concepts. The training is based on the mastery of skills, not on the amount of time spent on each concept. 

The school provides students with tools and pedagogy to guide them towards autonomy, responsibility and commitment to their professional success, so that they can continue to learn and improve throughout their careers.

Is Wild Code School a school or a start-up?

Both. Our R&D team developed our educational platform Odyssey, which serves as the backbone of the training, and transformed it into a unique and effective learning experience. 

Our schools are like mini laboratories that allow us to collect information with the use of Odyssey and to continuously improve it. It is an ongoing, interactive and enriching platform. Odyssey provides supports for training, which in turn guides further development of the platform.

What is blended learning?

Blended learning, or "hybrid pedagogy", consists of combining e-learning and classroom training, on-site, to make learning most effective. 

Wild Code School developed its own pedagogical platform, Odyssey, on which students have access to all theoretical concepts. It is a learning tool adapted to each student that allows progression at your own pace and a stimulating and less intimidating relationship with learning. We know that 100% online learning is not successful. It is indeed essential for students to be able to put the acquired skills into practice and to progress within a community of learners. 

Odyssey is, therefore, part of a complementary approach together with the work of Wild Code School trainers, allowing them to focus on providing individualised support for each student. We have developed a project-based and peer-to-peer pedagogy, in order to optimize the relationship between the time spent in training and the skills mastered by the students.