Data analyst

Data analyst training: become a data analyst in 5 months and learn data analysis tools.

Training Sum up


Working as a data analyst

A data analyst analyses a company's data and extracts useful information to help it progress. They source and model data, clean the database, create new indicators, add value to the data and often present the data graphically to make it more understandable. Data analyst skills are among the most in-demand, just before programming skills, and software design skills, according to the LinkedIn 2017 study conducted for the Guidance and Employment Council.

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No diploma is required to access this training. You must be of age and have certain technical prerequisites: it is a matter of being comfortable using computer tools in general, spreadsheets in particular (Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets), validating basic knowledge of programming, mathematics and statistics. In addition, a strong motivation and a solid professional project are priority selection criteria.

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The course prepares students in 5 months for the data analyst career path, allowing them to acquire a complete data culture and to be operational in the analysis and use of data processing tools.

Syllabus Detailed

The curriculum includes learning tools - particularly statistics and programming in SQL and Python - to address data processing techniques for all stages of the data life cycle: 

  • Collection
  • Preparation: cleaning and quality improvement
  • Exploitation 
  • Restitution.

Here are some program elements:

  • Statistics: descriptive, exploratory, inferential...
  • Programming: Python (Numpy, Pandas), R...
  • Database: SQL, NoSQL …
  • Web : analytics, API, Web scraping, Flask …
  • Dataviz : Matplotlib, Seaborn, Bokeh …
  • Business Intelligence (BI): Tableau Software, Power BI, Qlickview …
  • Big Data / Artificial Intelligence (AI): Machine learning, Deep learning …

Typical week

  • monday

    • Quests

      Exercices, tutorials and challenges on our platform Odyssey educational platform

    • Course

      The lesson for the week, followed by a practical workshop

  • tuesday

    • Dojo

      Resolving an algorithmic problem together within groups

    • Live coding

      Our trainers demonstrate their best practices

  • wednesday

    • Clients projects

      Collaboration in groups of 3-4 students on a project for a real company

  • thursday

    • External speaker

      An external speaker shares his or her expertise with students

  • friday

    • External speaker

      An external speaker shares his or her expertise with students

  • Tuition & Dates

    More information on financing options and scholarships in the top menu: About Us > FAQ > Financing

    700h - 140h/month 5 months
    save 10%

    How to apply in 3 steps. Application Process

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    1) Follow our candidate path on Odyssey

    Discover all the basics for free by doing small remote exercises on our online platform Odyssey. You are guided step by step, even if you don't know anything about code, and students or alumni are there to help. Depending on your level, this should amount to 10 - 30 hours of learning. This is a perfect opportunity to find out if you really like the subject. To get started, click here and create your account on our online platform Odyssey.

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    2) Attend a Wild Breakfast or Wild Drinks

    We'd love for you to visit! Come and discover our pedagogy, our offices and interact in a relaxed way with our students over breakfast or a cocktail. We look forward to meeting you.

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    3) Enjoy your personal interview

    Once you've sent your exercises on Odyssey, you can discuss them with your trainer, talk about your professional project, ask your Campus Manager all of your questions and prepare for your first day of school!

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