Introduction to data analytics

Join our Data analyst Prep course to discover the Tech world and learn the basic skills of a new job. It's the best way to test at your own pace if it's a good fit for you before considering a career change in this field.

Prerequisites of our Introduction to data analytics

This course is designed for anyone regardless of their background or skill set. Even if you are totally unfamiliar with data analytics, this course will quickly help you get familiarized to make a decision on upskilling or a career change. We know some of you may be busy and that flexibility is very important. So we have designed this course to be accessible anywhere in the world and fully compatible with all experience levels.

Learn more about our free Intro to Data Analytics course — enroll to join other energetic Wilders who are also wanting to venture into this exciting new world!

Syllabus Detailed

Wild Code School’s Intro to Data Analytics course will give you a strong introduction to the basics of data analysis. You’ll gain a primer on what data is, what the job of a data analyst is, and learn the concepts of data cleansing, data mining, visualization, statistics and mathematical calculations, using Excel for data analysis, datasets, a primer on Python and more. If you’re ready to enter the fast moving word of data analytics, make sure to enroll today!

Learn the Basics of Data Analysis in 10 Hours

Although this course does not dive deep into data analytics, it provides you with a solid basis to build from. Through a series of lectures, quizzes and exercises, you’ll quickly get familiarized with the world of data analytics. Start or pause the course anytime at your own pace, and complete it online, independently, at your own pace. At the end of the course, you will have a much better understanding of whether or not data analysis is the right field for you, and whether you should pursue further learning in our 5-month Data Analytics Course or not.

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Independent Learning and Practice

Maybe the best part of this course is that you can complete it whenever it’s convenient for you! Whether you’re traveling and have some down time or have a few extra hours in your schedule, you can get through this entire course with a small time commitment across a week or two. Like an ancient hero’s tale, this is your call to adventure on an exciting new quest that may bring you new wealth, accomplishments and personal progress. Don’t worry, you shouldn’t meet any dragons or trolls along the way.

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We Guide You Toward The Next Step

If you find that you like data analysis and are intrigued, we have the perfect next step for you: our 5-month Data Analytics Course. This full time course gives you a real foundation to get a job and trains you in depth on the core requirements that would be asked of you in a data analyst role. You will get the support of our team during this course, and if you are interested in enrollment after completing this, we’re happy to meet with you as needed to answer your questions and help you make a decision. Personalized coaching will be available via phone after the course is completed.

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Questions about our Introduction to data analytics?

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