Web developer - Prep Course

Join our Web developer Prep course to discover the Tech world and learn the basic skills of a new job. It's the best way to test at your own pace if it's a good fit for you before considering a career change in this field.

Training Sum up

Working as a web developer

A developer creates, writes, tests, and documents websites, applications or software. Developers work in a team, often with clients, project managers, and other developers.

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The prep course is open to everyone without any previous academic achievement requirements.

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Prep course duration

In total, it's 10 hours of learning to discover the web developer job and see if it suits you!

Syllabus Detailed

At Wild Code School, we like to learn by travelling and having fun-- we’ll transport you back to the time of Ancient Greece and give you the mission of helping Jason find the Golden Fleece. With this prep course, you will become the hero of a fantastic story leading you to the best career of your life!

Here’s what you can expect from the Web Development Prep course:

  • Discuss the Web Developer’s job
  • Discover wireframes and HTML
  • Learn how to style your website with CSS
  • Discover the basics of JavaScript and implement it in a website
  • Prepare yourself for the tech challenge (to apply at Wild Code School)

Tuition & Dates

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