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Part-time Coding Bootcamp

5 Months | Part-Time | Online Live Lessons

Become a Web Developer, without leaving your job. Learn different technologies and you will code from scratch, create your portfolio of projects and develop your soft skills in only 5 months!

From 5700€ • Financial options • Career Coaching

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5 Months to become a Web Developer!

Our Part-time Coding Bootcamp is designed for those who want to keep their full-time job while studying. This Coding Bootcamp course is demanding and incorporates an extensive practical component to help prepare you for today's tech market. You will learn to code by working on interactive websites and with the support of our instructors, online Live Lessons instruction format with live online classes, and many projects based on current market scenarios, you will quickly learn the programming basics to prepare you for a career as a web developer. 

As it is a Part-time Coding Bootcamp designed for working students, classes are held online, from Monday to Thursday at 6:30 pm (Lisbon time), and two Saturday per month all day.


  • Beginner Friendly

  • Night shift

  • Build your portfolio


What you learn in our Part-time Coding Bootcamp?

This Part-Time Coding Bootcamp was developed for all levels of proficiency - from beginner to professional -  to acquire the technical fundamentals skills to become a full-stack web developer.

At the end of this Part-time Coding Bootcamp you will be able to 
design a functional web applicationestablish a product backlog, build wireframes or mock-ups, use an API, understand how to integrate a user interface via HTML5, CSS3 and much more!

  • Front-End Development

    You will learn how to integrate a page in HTML and CSS and  boost a site interface with JavaScript and React while creating a responsive interface with CSS.

    • CSS CSS
    • React React
  • Back-End Development

    Learn how to develop the Back End part, solving problems using recognized languages ​​such as Node.js, JavaScript, and Express.

    • Node.js Node.js
    • JavaScript JavaScript
  • Project Management

    Create a SCRUM backlog, and learn about Agile methodology. Develop your soft skills when working as a team with your peers and collaborating with Git & GitHub.

    • Git Git
  • Turn pro

    We empower you to create a portfolio that showcases your skills to future employers through the projects developed during our bootcamp. Our dedicated career specialists are always available to support you in improving your soft skills and preparing for the opportunities that lie ahead. With our guidance and resources, you'll be well-equipped to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the tech industry.


Typical Week at Wild Code School

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      Exercises, tutorials and challenges on our Odyssey educational platform. Wilders are always helping each other!

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      The first lesson of the week, followed by a practical workshop.

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      Practical workshop to apply what you learn in lesson. 

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      Exercises, tutorials and challenges on our Odyssey educational platform. Wilders are always helping each other!

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      Lesson & Live code
      The last lesson of the week, followed by a live coding led by the instructor to showcase development techniques.

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      Collaboration in groups of 3-4 students on a professional project. At the end of the week, it is time to finalize your "sprint" and show to your peers and instructor the progress your group has made on the current project.

Career Empowerment: Expert Coaches to Make You Job-Ready

Wild Code School's primary focus is to deliver comprehensive training and facilitate job placement for students.

As a Coding School based in Lisbon, we go beyond a typical bootcamp approach by prioritizing the development of essential soft skills that prepare our students for the competitive job market. With an internal team of dedicated career coaches and strategic partnerships with recruitment specialists across the globe, we ensure optimal placement of our students as Junior Web Developers in the industry.

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Financing Options


Wild Code School offers a variety of financial options to help students pursue their coding education and embark on a rewarding career in the tech industry. Recognizing that financial constraints should not be a barrier to learning, we strive to make our programs accessible to a wide range of individuals.

For more information about the Financing options available contact our team.


Frequently Ask Questions

Become a web developer after the bootcamp

Will you help with my job search?

Of course! You will benefit from professional coaching during and after your training to learn how to position yourself on the job market and land your first job in the tech sector. Our teams host CV workshops, job dates to meet recruiters, mock interviews, and we regularly share job offers from our network of over 1,000 partner companies throughout Europe.

What are the job opportunities in the web development sector?

As a web developer, many opportunities are open to you: full stack web developer, mobile application developer, front-end developer, back-end developer in different types of structures: SMEs, startups or communities, in web agencies or as a freelancer.

We invite you to read the testimonials of our Wilders on our blog to discover their careers in detail and gain a better understanding of the types of jobs you may qualify for after graduation.

Can I really learn a job in such a short time?

Wild Code School offers intensive training courses called bootcamps. We push our students so that they reach their optimal abilities over a compact schedule.

At the end of the training, our students will have mastered most of the tools covered, especially since we provide the opportunity for them to practice in the many projects and workshops that we offer. They have integrated agile project management methods, know how to understand and formalise a client's needs and provide clear and constructive feedback.

Wild Code School is 100% professional and our students can be hired directly after the training. And above all, we teach them how to learn. Therefore, they have the necessary agility to organise their technological watch, continue to be trained, learn other technologies, and new languages.

The prerequisites of our web development course

I've never worked in digital before, can I apply?

Absolutely, during the application process, we ask our future students to take on some exercises remotely using our Odyssey teaching platform.

We provide all of the resources and offer the help you need to succeed, even if you are a beginner. You can also seek help from Wilders already in training and Alumni in our chat group.

This gives you the opportunity to ensure that the digital sector is suited to you, in the best possible conditions and free of charge!

Every year, people from all backgrounds, some knowing nothing about computer programming, become developers or data analysts at Wild Code School.

What is the selection criteria for admission?

The only requirement for acceptance to the school is that you meet the minimum legal age (18) requirements and complete the application process.

The admission process takes into account both the personal journey, the desire to succeed, creativity in finding solutions to problems, and the ability to work as part of a team, and also you proficiency in english.

At Wild Code School, we believe that the best qualities for student success are real skills and motivation.

Can women become Web Developers?

Web Developer is a profession open to all profiles. Wild Code School now welcomes 25% women.

The jobs in the digital sector may involve staggered working hours, which may at first seem like a constraint, but which can also be a great advantage with very flexible working hours, in which remote work is possible.

A woman alone or with children can therefore adapt her schedule according to her needs. Knowing how to code also allows women to be more creative, to benefit from a booming sector and to launch an entrepreneurial project more easily.

First of all, what is a web developer job?

The job of a web developer consists of creating, writing, testing and documenting websites, applications or software. A developer works in a team, most often with clients, project managers and other web developers. Find out all about this job here: the web developer job.

If I am a beginner, can I join the web development course?

Our training is open to all adults without prerequisite or diploma (you can integrate the web developer training without a high school diploma for example).

There is no typical profile at Wild Code School. Our students are between 18 and 58 years old and are professionals in transition or wishing to develop new skills or upskill, job seekers, young graduates, entrepreneurs... Above all, we are looking for a state of mind characterized by the desire to succeed, creativity to find solutions and the ability to work in a team. To join Wild Code School, all you have to do is validate our application process.

How can I apply to the web development course?

Tens de completar o nosso processo de candidatura em 3 passos para te inscreveres no nosso curso:

- Registo no nosso site: tens de preencher o formulário e escolher o curso e o campus da tua preferência. Os nossos cursos têm lugar remotamente ou no campus. Se pretenderes frequentar um curso remoto, tens apenas de selecionar o campus “Remoto” na língua à tua escolha.

- Entrevista motivacional: irás discutir o teu projeto profissional e a tua motivação para te juntares à Wild Code School com um gestor de admissão.

- Realizar o teste técnico online: O link para realizares este teste é enviado para o teu e-mail e deverás realizá-lo até ao final da tua candidatura.

O processo de candidatura poderá estar concluído numa semana e as inscrições estão abertas até 7 dias antes do início do curso."


The program of the web developer training course

How many students are there per session?

The number of students depends on the capacity of each campus. We guarantee a maximum of 20 students for 1 trainer, which allows us to offer individual support during the training and job research later on.

Is it possible to work and attend the part-time course at the same time?

Absolutely! The part-time courses allow students to combine full-time work and training, as the courses are taught in the evenings and on Saturdays. However, it does require also dedicating most of your free time to the program and to be extremly organized.

What language is this Web Developer training taught in?

This Web Developer training is taught in English. In order to attend this course, students must have a good level and understanding of English.

What is remote training?

At Wild Code School, a remote training is done live by a trainer and allows you to attend from home. Just like in our face-to-face training programs you will join your virtual class of around twenty other students led by an instructor and campus manager. Here too, you will follow a course schedule and participate in activities, necessary to structure your days. Finally, you will have access to our tools and collaborate live with your group and trainer via chat, video, shared documents, etc.

How is remote training different from an on-campus training course?

- You can benefit from the comfort of learning from home, optimize your home-office, reduce the time spent commuting and then be more relaxed.
- Remote training is designed to give you more flexibility in your day to day organization.
- Collaborate with our European student community: remote trainings have, students from many different countries.

Can I work and learn remotely at the same time?

We offer two types of remote courses: full-time and part-time courses. If you’d like to work during your training, we strongly recommend you to join our part-time courses. Our remote full-time courses require you to be available 35 hours per week.

You can find more course details in the "courses" section of our website.

How is Wild Code School different from a traditional course?

Wild Code School allows each of its students to acquire knowledge and develop their skills, just like in a traditional training organization or school.

What differentiates Wild Code School is the way students approach different concepts. The training is based on the mastery of skills, not on the amount of time spent on each concept.

The school provides students with tools and pedagogy to guide them towards autonomy, responsibility and commitment to their professional success, so that they can continue to learn and improve throughout their careers.

Who are the trainers of Wild Code School?

Our trainers are experienced professional developers who possess a deep understanding of the job market and a passion for teaching programming to our students.

Our teachers are present full-time in our schools. Their role with students is to provide support and guidance, rather than bring a knowledge holder. They supervise students throughout their projects and act as lead developers for clients.

Quem são os instrutores da Wild Code School?

Os nossos professores estão presentes a tempo inteiro na escola. O papel deles, com os alunos, é dar-lhes o suporte necessário e guiá-los, ensinando-lhes métodos e dando-lhes ferramentas para os preparar para os desafios da vida profissional.. Eles são os Lead Developers nos client-projects e estão sempre disponíveis para ajudar.

São Developers profissionais que passam o seu conhecimento e paixão pela programação aos nossos alunos. Queres fazer parte desta equipa? Envia-nos o teu CV para

Questions about our Part-time Coding Bootcamp?

Need advice on the program that best suits you? Want to talk about your career transition plan? Share your contact information and a member of our team will call you back asap!

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