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Francesco Luciani

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Living in Milan

Digital ecosystem

Digital ecosystem

While being always recognized internationally as one of the world's most important fashion capital, Milan has transformed itself into the biggest tech hub in Italy.World Expo 2015brought huge investment in the city, giving shape to totally new districts and favoring the development of a powerful digital ecosystem in which corporates and startups can benefit from each other. Central position in Europe, favorable weather, delicious food and amazing weekend getaways have led many tech companies move to Milan. One example?Bending Spoons, one of the biggest mobile app development firms in the world decided to move their HQ to Italy!


Life in

Life in Milan

Not just pasta guys. Milan is design,music,friends,fashionandarts. It is a shocking mixture of Italian tradition and European influence. It is a very characteristic combination of craftsmanship and industrial development. The north face of Italy, with mountain view and just a few hours from the beach. Premium quality restaurants or more easygoing osterias will always keep your belly full and the nightlife is just the best you can get! Whether you choose to go out atNavigli canalor the more fancyIsola district, you won’t escape theAperitivo hour. And bear in mind: Milan is the only Italian city where a Spritz is more important than an Espresso.


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Web developer - Full-time

5 months 700 h Full-time
  • #JS
  • #PHP
  • #Java/EE
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Front-end developer - Remote part-time

5 months 320 h Remote part-time
  • #HTML
  • #CSS
  • #JS
  • #React
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