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Wild Code School students?

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What kind of projects do we accept?

The best client projects involve front-end (ie. in-browser user interfaces) or back-end development (ie. databases, servers, or back-end development).

We prefer POC projects (Proof of Concept) defined as:

  • A client wants to test an idea but doesn’t have the time or resources to develop it
  • The project success has no crucial impact on the business
  • The idea or concept is quite new and can be built from scratch or as an independent application
  • The development can be completed in 2 months, (~150 hours allocated by each student in the group)

We avoid projects that:

  • Have critical impact on the client business
  • Require full-feature development with deadlines
  • Include building any payment functionality
  • Use complex APIs (ie. IoT, complicated authentication, etc.)
  • Involve finishing or fixing an existing project
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