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How to apply?

To apply to Wild Code School, you must first create an account on our Odyssey platform and complete the "candidate mission" exercises in your chosen field. 

All of the resources necessary to carry out these exercises are available on Odyssey. We advise you spend between 10 and 30 hours on the exercises depending on your starting ability. We recommend that you do it all at once, for example by dedicating 2-3 consecutive days or a weekend to it. These exercises are designed for all levels, without any qualifications or experience requirements.

Once the exercises have been completed, they are verified by our trainers. If they are successful, we will invite you for a technical and motivational interview at one of our campuses. If you are unsuccessful after completing the exercises, you will have the opportunity to review and resubmit. 

We also ask all our candidates to attend a mandatory event where we present our training courses, Wild Breakfast or Wild Drinks. It's an opportunity to discover how the school works and to have all of your questions answered while meeting other students in training as well as our team. 

Overall, the application process can take between 1 to 4 weeks depending on your initial starting  level and the dates you have chosen for interviews. Good luck with your application and we'll see you soon!

Is it possible to visit the school?

We love visits! 

We organize Wild Breakfasts, Wild Drinks, and other events several times a month. This is an ideal opportunity to meet students and school staff. 

It's really easy to register! Choose your Campus from the menu and view the events grouped under the heading "Meet us".

If you are a company or would like to discuss a partnership, please do not hesitate to contact our business development teams or the local Campus Manager.

I've never worked in digital before, can I apply?

Absolutely, during the application process, we ask our future students to take on some exercises remotely using our Odyssey teaching platform.

We provide all of the resources and offer the help you need to succeed, even if you are a beginner. You can also seek help from Wilders already in training and Alumni in our chat group.

This gives you the opportunity to ensure that the digital sector is suited to you, in the best possible conditions and free of charge

Every year, people from all backgrounds, some knowing nothing about computer programming, become developers or data analysts at Wild Code School. 

What is the selection criteria for admission?

The only requirement for acceptance to the school is that you meet the minimum local age requirements and complete the application process.

The admission process takes into account both the personal journey, the desire to succeedcreativity in finding solutions to problems, and the ability to work as part of a team

At Wild Code School, we believe that the best qualities for student success are real skills and motivation.