Gilles Samuel

[email protected]

+33 (0)6 58 70 53 99

32 Rue du Bassin d'Austerlitz, 67100 Strasbourg, France

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Wild Breakfast - Présentation Ecole - Bien commencer sa journée !
Wild Breakfast - Présentation Ecole - Bien commencer sa journée !
29, jul at 08:45

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Web developer - Full-time

5 meses 700 h Full-time
  • #JS
  • #PHP
  • #Java/EE
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Vivendo em Strasbourg

Ecossistema digital

Ecossistema digital

The campus is located on the Malraux peninsula, in the new heart of Strasbourg, a district in renewal that concentrates digital associations, digital places, startups and web agencies.... This concentration of the digital ecosystem of Strasbourg and Alsace is characterized by a nascent startup dynamic driven by e-health, industry 4.0 and mobility, and by the presence of more established players in the sector (e-commerce agency, digital agencies and publishers...).

Vida em

Vida em Strasbourg

Strasbourg and Alsace are a land of cultural and gastronomic traditions, where each village has its own cultural calendar! Strasbourg's nightlife and sports life is lively with the presence of more than 60,000 students. As the European capital, it hosts several international organisations and dozens of nationalities meet daily. Beyond Strasbourg, there is Alsace and its terroirs, the Vosges, the German Black Forest at 1 hour and Switzerland at 2 hours only.

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