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Rua do Conde de Redondo 145, 1150-298 Lisboa, Portugal

Campus Manager Lisboa

Ana Sofia Martins

+351 910 600 569

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Living in Lisbon

Digital ecosystem

Digital ecosystem

From LX Factory to Beato you can feel the excitement in the air in this city. Lisbon has been granted an honorary title as “The California of Europe” and is hosting Web Summit for the next few years. The Hub Creative do Beato is a 35,000-square-meter record-breaking incubator about to open their doors. The former food factory is going to be transformed into a huge startup campus, in competition with Station F in Paris. Because of this, some tech companies are hiring in Portugal due to the qualified tech talent, the favorable business climate, low rent and tax base.

Life in

Life in Lisbon

Lisbon is the place to inhale salty Atlantic air, sunbathe and hit the waves, with more sunshine than Rome or Athens. Pasteis de Nata are Lisbon’s greatest pastry since 1837 and combined with one super-powered espresso served in tiny shots known “as bicas”, your snack is well complimented. But not everything is about sunshine and food. The people are helpful and hospitable, and the night life is where you can really dance and have fun.

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Web developer - Full-time

dev_5_month.png 5 months 700 h Full-time
  • #JS
  • #PHP
  • #Java/EE
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Web developer - Part-time

dev_10_month.png 10 months 400 h Part-time
  • #JS
  • #React
  • #NodeJS
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