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Calle de Serrano Anguita, 10, 28004 Madrid

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Ludmila Belo

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HTML, CSS & JS: ¡Crea tu propio meme generator!
HTML, CSS & JS: ¡Crea tu propio meme generator!
24, Oct at 18:30
¿Escribir código es para mí?
¿Escribir código es para mí?
07, Nov at 18:30
Taller de Javascript: ¡Crea tu primera web!
Taller de Javascript: ¡Crea tu primera web!
12, Nov at 18:30
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Living in Madrid

Digital ecosystem

Digital ecosystem

Madrid is quickly growing as a technological hub with a super active start-up community and a number of incubators and accelerators. It is also the house of prestigious business schools like IE Business School and campuses like Google Campus.

Life in

Life in Madrid

No other city is as alive as Madrid! The capital of Spain is a modern metropolitan city bustling with activity all day-round. It is not only the centre of government, it also has a rich historical heritage, a great cultural life, and an awesome nightlife every day of the week, not to mention delicious food. The cost of living is low compared to other European cities, and the life quality high; no wonder it usually rates high in most international rankings of best cities to live in the world!

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Web developer - Full-time

dev_5_month.png 5 months 700 h Full-time
  • #JS
  • #PHP
  • #Java/EE
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