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Remote Learning School

Become a full-stack developer or a data analyst remotely by joining our intensive courses. Discover Wild Code School's Remote campus, team, and alumni.

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    For 10 years, Wild Code School has been training the best tech talent in both cutting-edge technical skills and essential soft skills. Our intensive, hands-on courses provide a rapid skills boost tailored to the needs of our students who want to move into tech or up the skills ladder.
    As a result, we help our students to succeed in their education and their professional and social integration, and share our values of passion, innovation and humanity with our dynamic community of over 6,500 Alumni.


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    Wild Code School offers a variety of financial options to help students pursue their coding education and embark on a rewarding career in the tech industry. Recognizing that financial constraints should not be a barrier to learning, we strive to make our programs accessible to a wide range of individuals.
    For more information about the Financing options available contact our team.

Nos élèves et alumni témoignent

Découvrez les témoignages inspirants de nos élèves et alumni, qui ont trouvé leur passion, transformé leur carrière et accompli des projets incroyables grâce à leur formation à la Wild Code School !

  • C’était très intense, j’ai eu une promotion en or et beaucoup d’entraide et ça ça a été très important.

    Coeurine M.
    Data Analyst, MALT
  • Ce qui m'a plu dans la Wild, c'était surtout l'orientation projets. Je trouve que l'on est vraiment bien ancrés dans le monde professionnel dès le début !

    Développeuse Web
  • Peu importe ce que l’on a fait avant, c’est toujours une force, et non une faiblesse.

    Alan De Franceschi
    Data Analyst, MON MARCHÉ
  • Se lancer dans une reconversion est toujours source de doutes. Choisir la Wild Code School m'a permis d'être rapidement rassuré sur ce choix.

    Hervé Swiergiel
    Développeur Web Full-Stack, ELOSI
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    Ludmila and her team guide prospective students through the admissions process at Wild Code School. Whether you're a novice or a tech enthusiast, she'll help you find the training programme that best matches your career aspirations and skill level.
    Committed to creating opportunities for all applicants, she also places great importance on inclusive and caring recruitment, in line with the school's values of passion, innovation and humanity.


    Learning online doesn't mean learning alone!

    Thanks to our online learning platform, you can follow our courses from home, with complete flexibility. Take advantage of personalised support from our expert trainers throughout the course.
    Attend live class sessions, take part in collaborative projects and interact with a community of enthusiasts. Gain recognised certification and open up new career opportunities, wherever you are.

Frequent Asked Questions

What is remote training?

At Wild Code School, a remote course is a course given by a live instructor that you can follow from home. As with our face-to-face courses, you will join your class, made up of an instructor, a campus manager and a group of around twenty students who will learn with you from home.

Here too, you will need to follow a timetable of lessons and learning activities, which will help you to structure your days. Finally, you will have access to our tools for real-time exchanges with your group and your instructor (chat, video, shared documents, etc.).

But in practical terms, what's different from on-campus training?

The fact that you can do your training from home. This means you can enjoy the comfort of learning from home, reduce the time you spend commuting and limit the stress that comes with it.

The timetables are arranged to give you greater flexibility in organizing your days (you can consult the typical week for our remote courses by selecting a remote campus and the course of your choice).

A European student community. In remote, the students in your class can come from different European countries and you will be connected to an extensive network of Wilders.

How does distance learning work at Wild?

Thanks to our interactive online teaching platform, you can follow our courses from home, with complete flexibility.

Throughout your course, you'll receive personalized support from our expert instructors. Attend live class sessions, take part in collaborative projects, and interact with a community of enthusiasts.

Earn a recognized certification and open up new career opportunities, wherever you are.

How can I find a job following a distance learning course?

Our distance learning courses are highly professional. We take particular care to prepare you as well as possible to join the professional world.

During your training, we put you in contact with tech professionals from all over Europe, who will share their experience and best practices with you.
You will carry out a project with a real customer, which will enable you to build up an initial portfolio that you can show off to future recruiters.
The career specialist for your class organizes coaching workshops to help you find a job (CV workshops, Linkedin, job interview preparation, etc.).

Finally, Wild Code School has a network of 15 campuses in France and Europe. If you wish, you can take part in the various tech events organized at your nearest campus and meet the partner companies in the local ecosystem.

What equipment do I need for remote training?

We recommend that you have the following equipment to enable you to follow your course in the best possible conditions:

A good internet connection: this is the key to being able to follow your distance learning course without interruption. You can test your internet connection here: You will need at least 4Mbit/s download and 128Kbit/s upload.
A computer running Linux, Mac or Windows
Headphones so that you are not disturbed by outside noise and can concentrate fully on the course. Or even better, headphones, as you will be wearing them a lot.

A dedicated work environment consisting of a desk in a quiet room and a good chair to avoid back problems.

A little extra: a dual screen so you can juggle between your personal and your work environment. It will make your training more comfortable and efficient.
If you would like us to advise you on what equipment to buy, please do not hesitate to contact our team directly.