Data Analyst Bootcamp

Ready for a Data Analyst bootcamp? Over three months and full-time we help you become the data analyst the market needs. Learn SQL, Python, machine learning and perform projects in practical scenarios and master tools like Power BI and Tableau leveraging your professional success. Improve your technical skills while our team of career specialists helps you develop your soft skills.

Prerequisites of our Data Analyst Bootcamp

All students are welcome at Wild Code School for this Data Analyst Bootcamp as long as they are comfortable with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets and have a basic knowledge of maths and statistics. The only restriction? Be of legal age (18 years old) and be able to speak and understand English!

We have created this Data Analyst bootcamp so our students have an intense and immersive experience in data analysis, learning and practice how to apply SQL, Phyton and machine learning in projects tailored from today's job market.

In the application process you will go through three phases , in which we evaluate your professional project and motivation - the two essential components to be a future Wilder.

Are you ready to start a new professional adventure as a data analyst?

Syllabus Detailed

Data analytics is the process that extracts, transforms, organizes  and models data in order to extract information and communicate it to stakeholders. It requires knowledge of computer science (mostly Python programming), communication and visualization skills, and mathematics and statistics - which are taught during the Data Analyst Bootcamp. By processing the data it is possible to evaluate a situation and/or to make predictions by developing Machine Learning software.

Thus, the function of a Data Analyst is to use code and no-code tools in order to analyze existing data, model it and extract whatever information is useful and pertinent to the growth of the company and the decision making.

In this sense, Data Analytics is one of the best tools to support decision making in different areas of business, making Data Analysts one of the most sought after professions at the moment.

What to expect at the Data Analyst Bootcamp?

The Data Analyst Bootcamp was designed to fulfill the needs of today's job market. Believing in "learning by doing" methodology, you can expect an intense and immersive learning experience that through the realization of projects will prepare you for the reality of the job market in just three months, without the need for prior professional experience.

Trust on our instructors and community to help you improve your technical skills and you will learn SQL, Python and machine learning in an easy way. By the end you'll have a solid and complete foundation in data processing using the Phyton algorithm, data modelling and presentation, using Big Data platforms and much more.

But not everything you'll learn in Data Analyst Bootcamp is technical. At Wild Code School we have a specialized team that will follow you from the very first moment to help you improve your soft skills and prepare you for interviews and the job market. 

At the end of the three months you will have your portfolio built, your interpersonal skills developed and a team that will help you to get your first opportunity

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In Data Analytics, practice makes perfect

At Wild Code School we believe that the more you practice, the better prepared you will be for the challenges that may arise. Therefore we complemented our theoretical training in data analytics with a strong hands-on practical component based on real scenarios to ensure that you are able to be a successful data analyst. 

Our innovative platform and structured projects allow you to learn technologies like SQL, Python and machine learning in an accessible and engaging way. By the end of this course you will be able to approach data processing techniques through all stages of the data lifecycle and leverage tools like Tableau or Power BI to report and attract visualizations.

Finding your first job as a Data Analyst

During this three-month data analyst bootcamp you will have the help of our full-time instructors to guide you to success. All the projects developed in classes become part of your portfolio so you can demonstrate your skills to recruiters.

Throughout the course you will also learn how to improve your CV, enhance your interpersonal skills and how to proceed in recruitments with our interview simulations. 

As part of the Wilder community, our Career Support team has a network of over 1,000 partner companies and an extensive alumni network to lead you through your first work experience in technology. You'll receive numerous opportunities to meet companies at events such as job fairs, client projects, datathons, digital consultations and more.

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Questions about our Data Analyst Bootcamp?

Need advice on the program that best suits you? Want to talk about your career transition plan? Share your contact information and a member of our team will call you back asap!

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